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Traditional Birth + Womb Worker. Channeler. Energy Healer. Creator. Mother. Friend.

Always in awe of nature and human biology, this inspires Jess' ongoing quest to foster wellness within herself and her community. Jess identifies as a space holder, creating an atmosphere for clients to have transformative experiences. Guided by your body, instincts and the implementation of practical tools and education for growth and solutions

As an Aunty to twenty-one nieces and nephews, Jess has been supporting births and growing families for years. Having discovered an affinity for birthing and nurturing during her own journey to parenthood -- friends, family, and even friends-of-friends began flocking to her for information and support  –Jess recognized this as her calling to serve. 


Mindful Mami | Birth & Body is the manifestation of Jess' commitments to inclusiveness, respect for intelligent human design, evidence-based data, and upholding client choices. As a woman of color, Jess prioritizes being and upholding platforms addressing disparities in birth and infant care outcomes for people of color. Jess' offerings are designed to promote thriving and sustainability in all areas and stages of life.


The support I offer is tailored to my clients' needs during their childbearing, birthing and parenting journeys. During labor we may use meditation, breathe, visualization, rebozo, position changes, as well as hands on techniques including massage for natural pain management.

My holistic approach includes supporting the family, including any birth partners who may be present. I like to see myself as going high and low in the support I offer -- using meditation-influenced techniques, intuition and simple mindset shifts to aid us in our approach, while drawing from my experience as an educator to utilize practical, evidence-based, hands-on, grounded tools and informational support as needed.

“ babies were born a little early, we had a short NICU stay in which Jess was great with breastfeeding, emotional, and informational support. She actually came to the pediatrician with us, and we also had a postpartum visit at home where she helped us set up little stations in the house to make the days easier. I would 100% recommend Jess for childbirth education, as a doula and breastfeeding support! I had a supportive partner, but having Jess definitely changed the game and made it easier for him to support me too!”
- Birth + postpartum client, twins, Brooklyn NY