Birth Doula :

  • Free consultation

  • 2 Prenatal sessions

  • Birth Plan and Preparation

  • Email, phone, and text support

  • On-call for labor and birth

  • Follow-up Postpartum Care

Traditional Postpartum Care :

  • Closing of the Hips

  • Herbal Preparations

  • Custom Nourishment Plan, with herbs and other plant allies

  • Blessing Ceremony for birthing person and newborn

  • Abortion and Miscarriage Support + Ceremony

Breastfeeding Support

Holistic Birth Education


In my postpartum support, I aim to support the mother and her entire family unit in whatever is needed to feel the most nourished, rested, educated and supported over all. Sometimes that means caring for the baby while a parent takes a walk, making sure everyone is resting and eating, providing infant care education or organizing 'baby care stations' so sleepy parents have a bit less thinking to do! I am flexible to fit the different needs of each family and each moment. I prioritize incorporating sustainable ways of caring for yourselves and your baby, as my goal is for families to thrive and feel well as they grow as a family.

If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to have it”
John Kennel, MD