Pregnancy + Birth

As a childbirth educator, breastfeeding specialist, birth doula, and traditional postpartum doula I provide a wide array of services including Holistic Education, Postpartum Sealing Ceremony, On-call Labor + Birth Attendance & Support, and Baby Blessings.

Ritual + Meditation

Step into your power with Ritual + Meditation facilitation to support releasing grief, attachments, heart and/or womb clearing and activation, allowing you to access your own creativity, infinite self, and inner joy. .

Higher self + akashic

I tune into your Higher Self + Team of Ancestors and Guides to cut through illusions, identify your gifts, past lives/soul contracts, clear ‘blocks’ and bring clarity to power you in getting in the driver’s seat of your journey. Akashic Records & Higher Self readings allow me to facilitate a conversation to promote deeper healing.

Inner Moon Cycles

Womb Workshop Series + Sessions

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Akashic Records

30 min…..$66 60 min….. $111 90 min…..$145

Akashic Records + Bodywork or Meditation Support

Contact to discuss specific concerns for a custom approach for that mind~body~soul work

Higher Self Reading

60 min…..$111 30 min…..$44 60 min with Integration Support $145

15 min reading, private video just for you. Ideal for follow-up, or clarity on 1-2 areas of concern…$25

RITUAL + MEDITATION Email me at to discuss your specific needs. All support is started with a divination to see your energetic needs clearly, and identify what would be most supportive for you.

PREGNANCY + BIRTH Email me at to discuss your specific needs. I offer a wide array of services to support pregnancy, birth, & postpartum, including miscarriage and abortion.

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